Architecture & Design

Full Theater Construction


Not only do we impress the audience with the quality of the theater’s visual, audio, and lighting equipment but also, the beauty and techniques of the theater`s chairs, curtains, stage, ceiling, wall panels, and acoustic insulation affect the show depending on the need of the show.

Acoustic insulation

MTI supports all the pro audio equipment to make a great venue. We specialize in sound reduction and absorption to reduce sound pressure. Also, we provide great tools for noise reduction and barriers such as ROCK WOOL which comes with a lot of shapes blankets, boards and pipe sections faced with alum, foil, BGT, WGT, BGF, Vinyl, and kraft. Moreover, we provide Polyisocyanurate foam in the shape of pipes, slabs, spray, and liquid.


Stage curtains mask the backstage areas and stage equipment from the audience and are made up of thick material that does not let light through. There are different types of curtains including Primo, Condo, Traveler, Scrim, Venetian, and Guillotine. MTI has played a leading role in making our customers’ productions look the very best. Our responsibility is to design and create special curtains to meet your theater style. Also, remember that your organization logo and branding can easily be incorporated into the curtain of your venue.


Staging is used to elevate the performance area to increase the audience’s view. All our staging is robust and versatile. It comes with a genuine lifetime guarantee designed and built by us. MTI also provides stage management desk which is the control position backstage where the stage manager co-ordinates performances, traditionally located stage left. It contains the script with directions, intercom headset, red and green cue lights, telephone to the front of the house, public address system, silent fire alarm indicator and controls for the curtain.


MTI provides your theater with a large and comprehensive collection of imported theater seats. Not only we design your seat to suit your theater and your budget, but we also provide a warranty package. A wide range of seats for different performance environments including sports spectator seating, school theaters, and auditoria, universities are provided.

Flooring & Rugs

We import professional carpet designs and perfect quality of rugs to add aesthetic touch with all the other aspects of the theater such as axminster carpet, wilton carpet, nylon carpet, tufted carpet with wool, polyster carpet and anti fire carpet. Also we provide a wide range of vinyl, different colours and shapes such as waterproof, tile and plank.