Visual & Effects

Advanced Special Effects and Visuals


We now offer groundbreaking video projectors. They create stunning lighting and video shows directly linked to the unique architecture of your theater. As well as, It`s truly eye-catching with all the visual content being designed specially to match the architecture of the theater.

Projector screen

A projection screen consists of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of your show. Usually, they come in two colors white or grey to avoid discoloration of the image. Moreover, projection screens may be permanently installed, painted on the wall or portable with a tripod.

LED screen

It is a flat panel that is suitable for video display and preferred for home theaters. Moreover, using the highest quality LED components, offering brightness, contrast, color, and our affordable prices LED screens can be the ideal choice for your venue.


Theatrical firework effects with a manual detonation suitable for indoor use including theatrical flashes, maroon, gerb, silver jets and glitter.

Smoke machine

Smoke Machine or Fogger is an electrically powered unit that produces clouds of white non-toxic fog. Also, they are available in different flavors and smells by the vaporization of smoke fluid. Moreover, it is specially designed and customized to your special effect on stage.

Special effects

We offer wide range of theatrical firework effects, pyrotechnics, snow, flame effects and bubbles machine to add entertainment to your show.