Check out our broad seating solutions we offer

Matrix Seating

It`s quick to assemble, easy to store, save space and easy to egress and ingress. It starts with laying down the floor bar which is removable so no need to floor fixings then slot the chairs into position and enjoy with your comfy chair.

Universities seating

We provide individual seats with writing tablets, wide range of seats options fixed and customizable. Also we offer removable and retractable chairs suitable for flat floors.

Classroom Seating

We rethink the box and move away from the traditional classroom chair and lectern. We provide different types of chairs, stools and tables suitable for all the educational stages from kindergarten to high school and for library, science laboratory and phonetics laboratory.

Smart seats

Imagine your modern seat has usb connector for your smart phone, plug and mini sound system consist of microphone, speaker and headphone. It`s the ideal solution for all the professional educational institutions.

Sports Seating

Retractable seats for sports halls, spectator seats for swimming pools and grandstands for sports pitches. We can help you view your sporting achievements in style.