Theater Solutions

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Architecture and Design

The architectural design of theaters totally different from any other kind of architectural design. When you`re in an amazing performance space, you can feel it. MTI knows how to create performance spaces that come alive.With our architecturalexecutives, partners, managers and designers your dreams will come true. By telling us your conception our team will turn your idea into reality by creating architectural perspective to your venue. We import an amazing selection of interesting panels and materials for walls and ceilings which ensure a venue has a strong professional design finish.

Pro Audio

By using a wide range of manufactures such as Bose, JBL, Shure, Sound craft and DBX we insure you will have the fantastic sound system that meet your requirements.


MTI has been supporting your professional lighting solutions since 2009. We provide superior industry knowledge and shine with a creative spirit for the experience of light in many aspects of pro lighting equipment.

Visual solution

For more than 10 years MTI has designed, created and customized reliable innovative visual solutions at affordable prices with excellent customer service. Our strength is our ability to create a real great factor to your show.


A mechanism is set of devices that transform input forces and movement into a desired set of output forces and movementfor the production of theatrical effects, such as rapid scene changes, lighting, sound effects, and illusions of the supernatural or magical.

Annual care packages

Our annual care packages and renewal your old place are designed to meet all your theater’s needs.
We provide affordable packages for School theatres, school hall, conference room, museums, professional theatres, play room, studios.
Our staff are fully aware of the health and safety responsibilities of working within a school environment